Dryers & Cooler Weather Tips

Fall is in full swing, and the cooler weather is upon us so we are here to share some tips on how to keep your dryer running well (and safely) when those chillier temps arrive! Dryer fires are, of course, a risk year-round but that risk increases when the weather cools off. Why is that? Because heavier bedding and bulkier clothing increases the amount of lint that gets clogged in your lint trap and dryer vents. You’ll want to lessen that risk, so try out the tips below to do so.
• Don’t dry super heavy clothing and bedding in the dryer. Instead hang them up to dry! Those heavier, bulkier items equal way more lint than your summer tank top did, and running them through the dryer increases the chances of lint getting clogged in your dryer vent.
• Keep ventilation that opens to the outside capped. Doing this will not only ensure lint and hot air blow out, reducing the risk of build-up and mildew, but it’ll also keep out those animals that are looking for a cozy place to hang out in.
• Don’t use your dryer for too long. Aim for drying smaller loads that will dry in a half hour or so. Doing this allows for reduced lint build-up and better air circulation. And if your dryer is taking longer than 30–40 minutes to dry a load of clothing, then your dryer vents need cleaning out!
• One of the best ways to reduce the chances of a dryer fire getting out of hand is to stay home while your dryer is going. You should never leave your dryer unattended, and you should always have a fire extinguisher nearby just in case.
• The next best way to reduce your risk of a home fire caused by your dyer? Calling us once a year to come and clean out your vents. By having clean dryer vents, you ensure there’s no lint or other debris to catch fire and that your dryer is working as it should.
With these tips, you and your family will be a little safer this fall and can concentrate on carving pumpkins and jumping in leaves. Just remember to keep an eye on your dryer for anything that seems out of the ordinary, and give us a call if something comes up.
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