Don’t Forget the Lint Trap!

Are you cleaning out your lint trap every time you use the dryer? Have you washed it recently? If the answer to both of those questions is no, then we suggest you give us a call. You might not have known, but Dryer Vent Wizard doesn’t only clean out dryer vents; nope, we also provide professional lint trap, lint screen, and appliance cavity cleaning as part of our services! So, if your lint trap has begun look a bit shady, let us give it a good clean to improve your dryer’s efficiency and safety.

It may not seem like such a big deal to have your lint trap be a bit dirty, but it actually is quite unsafe. Your lint trap is designed to catch all sorts of things—fur, hair, clothing fibers, excess lint—so if you don’t clean it every time you use your dryer, that stuff builds up. Plus, the tiny holes in your lint trap get clogged up over time by oil and residue build-up, which makes your lint trap less effective. And if the excess lint on your lint trap goes into overdrive, it can be pushed off the lint trap and into the dryer cavity (where you won’t see it), which equals a major fire hazard!

You can avoid all this, though, by having your lint trap professionally cleaned once a year and by cleaning it yourself on a regular basis between professional cleanings. Cleaning it yourself is simple—just run the screen under some water. If the water doesn’t go through the screen, but ends up as a puddle on the screen, scrub it all down with soap, water, and a soft brush. After that, water should run through the screen just fine, which means it’s clear and in working order.

So, don’t let oils, residue, lint, fur, and more build-up on your lint trap! Clean it out regularly, then give us a call once a year for a professional cleaning to save yourself time and money (and reduce the risk of a dryer fire).

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