Proper Care of Winter Garments

Before you know it you’ll be breaking out the sweaters, scarves, and heavy coats. Do you know how to properly care for your winter clothing though? Some items require a bit of different care than your summer & spring wear, so read on for tips on how to keep all your winter clothes in excellent shape!

1. One of the most important things you can do is to treat slush, mud, and salt stains as soon as you find them. You may be tempted to wait and tackle them at the end of the winter season but by that time they’ll have set and will much harder to remove. Use a stain remover on these stains and treat them ASAP.

2. If you have hand-knitted items, hand wash them. These are items you don’t want going through your washer and dryer. Simply fill a sink with cold water, add a few drops of gentle dish soap, and swish around (twisting may hurt the material so stick with swishing). Then do the same thing with just cold water, no dish soap, to rinse. Repeat rinsing till your hand-knitted item is soap-free.

3. Sometimes sweaters in general get bent out of shape. You can help them retain their shape by wrapping the sweater in a towel after washing to soak up water, then laying it flat and reshaping it to dry.

4. Have a down item? Low heat in the dryer works best for those.

5. Winter equals plenty of accessory items such as hats, mittens, and scarves. Wash these once a month in a sealable, netted laundry bag before laying out flat to dry. The laundry bag keeps your dryer from eating a mitten like it does socks and keeps scarves from getting tangled up in other clothing items.

6. When it comes to jackets & coats, you should wash them at the beginning and end of the winter season. Run them through your washing machine with cold water on gentle, then squish out excess water before putting them in the dryer on low.

7. If you get light stains on your jacket or coat, you can easily cleanse those by blotting with cold water or soda water and a paper towel.

8. Also important to remember - don’t hang your jacket/coat up in a crowded coat closet. These materials need air to help stay crisp.

Winter clothes might require a bit more work to properly care for than summer, but it’s worth it to have them last longer. Keep these tips in mind this winter and your clothing will look sharp all season long!

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