Your Appliances & Cold Weather

The weather is finally turning cooler, and before you know it winter will have arrived for real! That means all sorts of winter weather issues to deal with, whether it’s an iced driveway or a draftier home. But did you know that colder weather affects appliances too? It’s true! And even truer for appliances found in garages and basements, such as your washer and dryer. However, there are ways you can negate these effects and ensure your appliances and home are well-protected during the colder months!

Your washing machine becomes vulnerable during winter weather due to its use of water. Washers work by having a hose that fills the drum of the washer while in use and a pump that gets rid of water when the wash is done. That means if you’ve placed your washing in a cooler place like the garage or basement and against an outside facing wall, there’s a good chance you could come down one day to find ice in your hose and pump instead of water. And ice in your pump and hose can result in a broken water intake valve, which in turn can lead to a flooded basement or garage when the temperatures warm up again. Yikes! You can prevent this, though by insulating your washing machine’s hose with pipe insulation and connecting water lines only at times you’re doing laundry.

Next up is your dryer. If your dryer is a vented one, that means clothes get dry by being blasted with hot air—air that is then vented. But this vented air in winter can lead to condensation on surrounding surfaces (due to its warm, moist nature). And constant condensation can result in mold and mildew issues if left unchecked. Nobody wants that! So, if your dryer is vented, ensure that the vents are releasing that air outside. Another thing to remember about your dryer and colder weather is that you’ll be drying a lot of heavier winter clothing. That means more dryer lint build-up, so make sure you clean the lint trap after every use and schedule your regular dryer vent cleaning!

Instead of worrying about how the cold weather will affect your washer and dryer, follow the tips above and enjoy the fun of winter worry-free!
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