Not Just Dryer Vent Cleaning!

We talk a lot (A LOT) about our dryer vent cleaning services in an effort to impart how important it is to keep your dryer vents clean. However, dryer vents aren’t the only thing we can service when it comes to your dryer! Our other dryer services are just as important and help just as much to keep your dryer working properly and your home safe from mold and fire. What else can we do to help you?
Besides cleaning out your dryer vents, we also provide maintenance services such as appliance cavity cleaning and cleaning of the dryer lint screen and lint trap. These may seem like small areas of the dryer to focus on, but having these services done means your dryer works better and saves energy. Plus, it reduces the risk of fire hazards.

We also offer booster fan cleaning. It might not be top of mind, but removing all the debris and lint that gets caught up in the fan and it’s parts means it works more efficiently and is less at risk for catching fire. We also inspect the fan when we clean it to make sure everything is working as it should.

And did you know that besides clearing your dryer vents out of clogs and debris, we can also sanitize them? What’s the point of sanitizing your vents? This gets rid of all the gross stuff such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses that can show up in your lines (especially important if animals have been found in your vents!). We can also pest-proof your dryer vents after we sanitizing them by installing vent covers that will prevent the problem from happening again.

When it comes to everything dryer-related, we’ve got you covered!

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