The Anatomy of a Dryer Fire

Sure, we talk about dryer fires a lot (it’s our job to, after all), but do you know how exactly dryer fires start? There are certain circumstances and components that come together that result in the perfect recipe for disaster. Knowing these can help you reduce the risk of a dryer fire happening in your home. So, what contributes to a dryer fire?
There are three main components to a dryer fire:
• Combustible material
• Oxygen
• Igniting source
The combustible material part of a dryer fire is most often dryer lint. Lint is highly flammable—seriously, next time you clean out the lint trap, take the lint to a safe spot and set it on fire to see just how quickly it burns. So, it’s no surprise that when there’s enough of it in your dryer and circumstances are right, it ignites.
Oxygen is the most important component of a dryer fire, and unfortunately, one we don’t have control over. It’s simply a part of our environment and always around.
And as for the igniting source, that would be a spark or heat that ignites the combustible material. You won’t have much control over this element, either, as dryer are by nature a source of heat. Unfortunately, that heat or a spark from your dryer’s heating element can set dryer lint on fire in a moment.
This means that the only part of a dryer fire’s anatomy you really have control over is the amount of dryer lint in and around your dryer. This is why we’re always reminding you to have your dryer vents cleaned! Getting your vents cleaned is the single proactive thing you can do to prevent a dryer fire.
And even if you stay on top of cleaning out your lint trap each time you use the dryer, lint can build up in other places. Besides the dryer vents, lint can get clogged up in the back of your dryer—and you’d never know it.
Luckily, we at Dryer Vent Wizards, have the tools and know how to get to these not so easily seen places to remove the lint before disaster strikes. So, don’t delay! If you’ve not had your dryer vents cleaned this year, now is the time to do it!

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