Make Your Laundry Room Shine

We spend A LOT of time in the laundry room, so why are so many of our laundry rooms stuffed with chaos? Or look dingy? Shouldn’t one of the rooms we spend so much time in be organized and bright? We think so! We’ve brought you a list of organizing, decorating and cleaning tips for summer to make your laundry room shine.


 Splash on the color! Incorporate bright and cheery colors to lift your mood when you’re tasked with doing a week’s worth of laundry. If you have a laundry room on the small side, try adding wallpaper with a colorful design.
 Make use of the space you have. Have only a little space? Repurpose crates or bins to keep items in and stack them in available spacing. Or add an extended shelf above your washer and dryer to keep what you need out of the way.
 Multi-task with furniture. Use functional furniture in your laundry room that can be used for the purpose it’s intended for as well as something extra. For example, need a stool to sit on while folding? You can use it to stack hampers on when you’re not folding to free up floor space.
 Make it bright. The better lighting you have in your laundry room the more useful (and spirit-lifting!) it will be.
 Add wall hooks. Create extra space to hang up clothing to dry or just for extra storage by hanging wall hooks around your room.


 Clean and disinfect knobs, dials, and buttons.
 Remove, soak, and scrub your dryer’s lint trap.
 Use an old toothbrush to clean nooks inside/under the washer lid, including the gasket or seal, especially on front-loading machines.
 Run your washing machine on a hot, full, long cycle with a bit of vinegar added to the water.
 Vacuum the area behind and underneath the laundry machines.

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