Can Your Dryer Help Lower Your Summer Energy Bill?

Summer is here and it’s a scorcher! This year we’re not just battling regular highs but, in some parts of the U.S., a heatwave that’s so hot it’s cracking pavement. What does that mean for you? Most likely a higher electric bill this summer as you constantly run the AC. What if there was something you could do to lower that bill though, even just a little bit? Good news, there is!

One of the most important areas to look at when trying to lower your energy bill is your dryer. Why is that? Because according to the EPA, dryers use the most energy among standard appliances. So how and when you use your dryer amongst other things can affect your energy bill.

For example, did you know that clogged vents can cause dryers to use up to 30% more energy when drying a load of clothes? When dryer vents fill up with lint, it affects how well your dryer is functioning. Having clogged vents can mean your dryer is running up to double the time it normally does, as it’s less able to dry clothes properly the first time they go through. Something as simple as a yearly dryer vent cleaning can save you big!

How else can you use your dryer to keep your energy bill lower? When you use your dryer can impact your bill as well. Think about when you tend to do laundry - is it early morning or late at night or is it in the middle of the day? When you use your dryer, it’s raising the temperature in your home, so if you’re doing laundry mid-day your air conditioning will have to work that much harder as your home heats up. Use your dryer in the coolest hours of the day to prevent this.

Also, while it’s sometimes impossible to do laundry all at once, when at all possible you should dry loads back to back. This way your dryer doesn’t have time to cool off between loads. When it retains this heat, it won’t need as much for the next load.

A final note about summer and your dryer - the high heat of summer (particularly during a heatwave) can increase the risk of a dryer fire. The less debris hanging out in your vents, the less likely this is to happen so please make sure your vents are clean and clear of not just lint but also birds’ nests!

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