How Much Does…

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to run your dryer throughout the year? In the quest to save money, it’s something people often ponder. Good news - here is a simple equation you can use to figure out just how much you spend a year in running your dryer!

The first number you need for this calculation is a reliable estimate for the amount of power your dryer consumes while running. For an exact figure, simply check your dryer manual. If you no longer have that though, most dryers consume between 3000 watts (3kw) to 5000 watts (5kw) of energy.

The next number you need to find is the cost of electricity in your area. This one is easy to find as it will be on your electric bill. While the cost of electricity varies widely, it tends to be around $.10 per kilowatt hour.

Finally, you need to ascertain how long you use the dryer each week. Simply take note and jot down how many hours each day you spend doing laundry for a 7-day period.

Now, to calculate. To find out how much it cost to run your dryer for a year, you first will find what it costs to run it for a week. Simply multiply the # of kilowatts by the price of electricity by how many hours a week you do laundry. For example:

5 (kilowatts) x $.10 (cost of electricity) x 5 (hours a week of laundry) = $2.50 per week

Now that you know the weekly cost, simply multiply by 52 (weeks in a year) and you have the cost of running your dryer for a year! Relatively easy to discover, yes?

Of course, there are also ways you can save money via reducing your energy usage. One way to do that is by making sure you have your dryer serviced at least once a year. Making sure your dryer vents are clean & clear and the rest of the dryer is in proper working order will help to keep the dryer’s energy usage down.

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