FAQ: What Are You Measuring & Why?

FAQ: What Are You Measuring & Why?

When we come to inspect & clean your dryer vents, there’s a lot going on. On question we get asked is about our measurements taken during the diagnostic inspection that assess airflow and back pressure. Here’s why we’re measuring those things and how it’s beneficial to you.

Assessing airflow is important because if the airflow is restricted (or reduced) it can be both a cause & effect of dryer vent issues. Why? There are several reasons airflow could become low such as lint buildup, birds’ nests, and improper vent connections/routing. There’s the effect. In turn, restricted airflow can cause a plethora of other issues such as longer drying times and an increase in the amount of lint accumulation in the line (which can lead to a dryer fire). This is why we spend the time to measure airflow.

We also measure back pressure (or high static pressure). Back pressure in your vents can reduce the amount of air that can escape the dryer during its cycle. When air can no longer escape, issues such as decreased efficiency and more than average wear on your clothing arises. Definitely not a scenario you want to deal with!

We use specialized equipment to measure both of these things and, in doing so, we’re able to service your dryer in the best way possible thus making it safer and more efficient. Both of these measurements are incredibly important to your dryer’s well-being.

Have a question about what we’re doing? Want to learn more about our inspections and servicing? Ask our expert technicians next time they’re at your home making life safer or check out our website for more info!

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