You know clean and service dryer vents in private homes, but did you know that’s not ALL we do? Dryer Vent Wizard also services both commercial dryers as well as multi-units (such as apartments)! Both of these types of dryer set-ups present unique challenges and it’s important to keep these dryers clean and up-to-date.

Often place such as pet groomers, salons, and spas have washers and dryers on their property. Due to how much these dryers are used, they often come out with more wear and tear than a dryer in a private home. That means dryer vent clogs and lint accumulation are more commonplace as well which equals increased fire risk. Maintaining the dryer vents for these are important not only because of safety hazards but because a dryer vent not functioning properly costs an average of $18 to $24 more per month than a vent system that is properly installed with no obstructions. That money adds up over time!

When it comes to multi-units such as apartments, college dorms, and residential living centers, extra fire dangers due to the amount of dryers and dryer vent systems being used. These dryers also come with more wear and tear and become clogged more often due to how much they are used. The result is longer drying times, less drying efficiency, and a greater risk of fire. Leading appliance manufacturers recommend that dryer vents are inspected and cleaned at least once per year; however, service may be needed more frequently in communal laundry areas or with consistent heavy use.

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