It’s Not Just Dryer Fires!

Though dryer fires may be the most commonly talked about issue when it comes to not having your dryer vents regularly cleaned, it isn’t the only one. There are several other ways clogged, dirty vents can harm your dryer, your home, and your family. Take a look at the list below to find out just how problematic clogged vents can be!
• More than normal wear and tear on your dryer and clothing. When your dryer vents get stuffed up with lint and other dirt and debris, it causes an excessive amount of wear and tear. And it isn’t only on your dryer itself. Clogged vents lead to longer drying cycles that cause the fibers in your clothing to break down faster than they normally would. Plus, longer drying times cause more wear and tear on the hardware inside your dryer, which leads to it breaking down quicker than it should.
• Longer drying times means more money wasted. Longer drying times don’t just cause more damage to your clothing and dryer; they also waste more money! Think about it. The longer it takes to dry a load of clothes, the more utilities you’re using, and the more money you’re spending. In fact, you’re probably wasting between $18-$24 a month more than you would if you had clean dryer vents and a dryer that ran normally.
• The silent killer. Some (but not all) dryers emit carbon monoxide when in use. When the dryer is running as it should, this carbon monoxide is vented out through the dryer vent system. But if the vent is clogged with lint or debris? Then the carbon monoxide has nowhere to go, which causes it to build up over time. This can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Not only should you have your vents cleaned regularly, but you should also have carbon monoxide detectors located throughout your home.
• Mildew and mold abound. It’s not just carbon monoxide poisoning you have to worry about with dirty dryer vents either. There’s also the risk of mildew and mold growing. Clogged vents mean the heat and moisture from your dryer has nowhere to go, which causes it to back up into the dryer and laundry room. That’s when mildew and mold show up. These fungi aren’t just gross, though. They can also cause breathing issues, allergic reactions, and other health issues.
There are plenty of reasons you should have your dryer vents professionally cleaned and maintained, not least of which is protecting yourself and your family. Don’t delay; make your appointment today!

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