Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the concentration of pollutants in your indoor air could be 10 times higher than that of outdoor air? With all the dust, pet dander, mold, and pollutants from cleaners and air sprays, it should come as no surprise. Poor indoor air quality can have a negative effect on your health (particularly the elderly, children and people with respiratory problems like asthma) and the more you stay inside with the windows closed (such as winter), the more pressing the issue. So what can you do to improve the situation? We’ve gathered a few simple changes you can make around the house to breathe easier.

 Flex your green thumb. Plants are natural air purifiers, plus they brighten up a place considerably. Install a few plotted plants around your home and reap the benefits!
 Go natural. When it comes to cleaning and personal care products, using more natural products will lessen the amount of chemicals lingering around. There are plenty of cleaners, etc. available that have far less chemicals than normal brands.
 Clean your dryer vents. A clogged dry vent can result in dust & lint being spread around (with the possibility of mold springing up), none of which are great for your lungs. Giving Dryer Vent Wizard a call for a quick & affordable vent cleaning is an easy way to improve your home’s air quality.
 Remember to ventilate. At least once a week, open your windows for a brief period of time (yes, we know, it’s cold!) and turn on the fans to air out any accumulated pollutants. You don’t have to keep them open for long, just a few minutes should suffice.
 Invest in a humidifier. Ideally, your home’s humidity level should remain between 30 to 50 percent all year long, but when the weather turns cold it causes the air in your home to become drier. This drier air can irritate skin and increase allergic and asthmatic sensitivity.
 Clean those floors! Floors (whether carpet or other) are where dust and pet fur, etc. build up. So, vacuum carpets with a HEPA filter once a week, and mop hard floors frequently with white vinegar and water.

Protect your family and yourself this winter with these easy steps that will improve your indoor air quality and keep you healthier.

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