How to Clean Your Lint Trap

“I already know how to clean out my lint trap,” you're probably thinking. We know you know how to remove the lint from the trap after each and every use, but did you also know that you should be giving your lint trap a deeper cleaning either every 6-8 weeks or 2-3 times a year (depending on whether you use dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener? Why? Well, after repeated use, a buildup of oils and residue can clog the lint trap screen, and simply removing the bulk of the lint is no longer completely effective. That residue will block the air flow which means the dryer has to use more energy which means the heating unit is more likely to burn out sooner (also DRYER FIRES!!). Doing an actual cleaning of your lint trap is fairly easy – here's how.

First, here's what you'll need: 1) dish soap, 2) old toothbrush or bottle brush, 3) hot water + sink, and 4) soft towel. Start by filling the sink with hot water, then add in your soap, and mix it up so it's all bubbly. Next, after your lint trap has had all the lint removed from it by hand, let the trap soak for a few minutes. Once you see that the residue has loosened, use your brush to GENTLY remove it (careful not to puncture or tear your screen!). Finally, rinse. After that simply repeat as needed until the residue is gone, then carefully dry the screen with the towel and let it finish air drying until completely dry.

What if the residue still isn't gone after that? Ah, then it's time for a bit of a deeper cleaning. This requires a few more items: 1) baking soda, 2) spray bottle (if you have), 3) white vinegar, 4) brush, 5) water + sink, and 6) denture cleaning tablets. First, you'll coat the screen in baking soda. After that, if you've got a spray bottle put some vinegar in it and mist the screen. No spray bottle? Simply pour a little vinegar over the screen. You're not trying to rinse off the baking soda – you're looking for a fizzing reaction (yay, science!). Let it fizz for a few minutes, then scrub with a brush while you rinse with water. Hopefully, this will rid you of that pesky residue. If NOT, it's time for Step 2. Put the lint screen in the sink with just enough water to cover it, then add the denture cleaning tablets to the water. (There should be a water to tab ratio on the box of the denture tablets.) Leave until it stops fizzing. Then scrub while rinsing.

While not the most fun job in the world, it's a necessary one to maintain the usefulness of your dryer and safety of your home. If you're not feeling up to the job, Dryer Vent Wizard offers dryer lint screen, lint trap, and appliance cavity cleaning as part of our maintenance services. (Did we mention the part where lint can get pushed into the dryer cavity? *sighs* But that is an entirely different story.)

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