Are You Cleaning These Parts of Your Home Correctly?

When it comes to cleaning your home you remember to do the big things like vacuuming and washing dishes and mopping the floors, but there are a few areas where you might be lacking and don’t even realize. And when it comes to these areas, not cleaning them or not cleaning them correctly can lead to having a fire hazard in your home. Read on for the things in your home you should be sure to always clean to maintain your family’s safety.

Does it ever cross your mind to clean out the crumbs from your toaster? It should! Crumbs fall off food and into the bottom of the toaster every time you use it. Gradually enough crumbs gather there to start reheating when you use it which can cause the toaster to start smoking which can be a dangerous situation.

You probably dust the big items in your house on a regular basis but are you dusting your heaters? You definitely should. Over time dust settles in and around heaters and dust is something that can ignite quickly. And if your heater or sockets then spark that fire can spread even faster.

One of the most commonly overlooked fire hazards in the home is the bathroom exhaust fan. Wait, what? It’s true! If your exhaust fan is old and dirty, the motor in it can overheat and start a fire. This doesn’t really apply to newer bathroom fans because they have motors that automatically shut off if they overheat, but if you have an older fan you definitely need to make sure the fan cover is cleaned at least once a year and the motor once every couple of years.

We talk about kitchen safety a lot but did you know it’s a good idea to not only make sure the stove and oven are clean but also the rangehood? Doing this can prevent grease fires and fires caused by smoking cooking oil. How? Grease and and remnants of smoke can build-up in the vents which can clog the filter. Not only will keeping your rangehood clean help with the risk of fire but it will also keep your ceiling from becoming destroyed with bubbles and residue from a clogged filter.

Another thing you need to be sure to keep cleaned up are unwashed rags. Plenty of home fires are started by oily rags left laying around garages and basements. Chemical reactions between cotton and certain oil-based stains can cause spontaneous combustion. The solution? Put these rags in a metal can with a tight lid and let soak for 3 days in a solution of water and washing detergent before disposing of them.

Do you use a hairdryer every day? If so, debris, hair and dust are starting to build-up in it and it could become hazardous. If your hairdryer starts to smell like burning hair or gives you a shock then it’s time to clean it out.

Finally, it’s time to give you the reminder about cleaning out your dryer vents and cleaning the lint from your lint trap each time you use the machine. If lint builds-up and your dryer can’t properly vent, you have a huge fire hazard on your hands.

There are plenty of things in your home you might not have realized can be unsafe if not properly cleaned but this list will help you keep your home much safer!

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