Recycle Your Dryer Lint!

You know how we like to tell you ALL the time to make sure you clean your dryer lint trap out every time you run the dryer (and you all say, “yeah, yeah, we got it!”, haha)? Well, what do you DO with that dryer lint after you've taken it out of the trap? Do you just toss it? Because we're here to tell you that the dryer lint you're throwing away can actually be recycled in a variety of pretty cool ways. (Yes, dryer lint.) Check it out!

1. Pet Bedding - Have a pet hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, or rat? Then they need some floof in their cage to keep them happy! Instead of using newspapers and the such, you can take all that floofy dryer lint and put it in their cage. They'll be super happy with their new digs (and you'll have one less thing to buy for them so you'll be happy too)

2. Get Crafty – Use dryer lint to make your own paper or clay (dryer lint + 1/3 cup of white glue + 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap + 1/4 to 1/3 cup of warm water + mix it all up, then add food coloring for color). OR you could use dryer lint in place of the newspaper strips in your next papier-mâché project. OR you can let the kids use the dryer lint in art projects to make things like fluffy clouds or a snowman. Seriously, the possibilities are endless!

3. Packing Material – No bubble wrap handy? Dryer lint makes a great cushion!

4. Compost – Did you know you can actually toss some of your lint into your compost pile? You just have to be careful if you use dryer sheets that aren't all-natural/organic (think Mrs. Meyers) or homemade ones, otherwise you'll add unwanted chemicals to your compost. You should also use lint from natural fibers like cotton, linen, and wool as synthetics won't compost

5. Stop Drafts – If you stuff dryer lint into tube socks, you can use that to keep drafts from coming in under your doors. Likewise, if you find a drafty hole in the wall that's NOT NEAR ANYTHING ELECTRICAL (a/k/a nothing that's going to make the very flammable dryer lint catch fire!), you can just shove some dryer lint into the hole.

Pretty amazing what all you can do with that leftover lint from the laundry, huh? (And there are more things you can use dryer lint for, trust us!) We're all for recycling/re-using things and know a lot of you guys are too, so we hope you've found this helpful. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to make some very fluffy clouds in a painting...

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